Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers: Making beautiful flowers out of colored tissue paper is an extremely fun and rewarding craft project for kids and adults of all ages. The varieties of flowers that can be made with tissue paper are only limited to the imagination.
Flowers of all colors and all varieties can be made using tissue paper and a few other craft supplies.
Making tissue paper flowers is an addicting craft project, and once you make one tissue paper flower you will want to make entire bouquets in every color of the rainbow to give to family, friends, and to decorate your home.

There are a variety of great tissue paper tutorials online. Martha Stewart offers a photo tutorial showing how to make the large tissue paper pom poms on her website. If you are looking for something that is not quite so big then you might want to check out the Pom Pom garland from The Little Red House. She uses the same basic tissue paper pom poms as Martha Stewart but just makes them much smaller, and attaches them to string for a garland. Sarah at Sleek Shindigs offers a tutorial that shows how to use the large tissue paper pom poms to create a Pom Pom Backdrop that can be used as a photo backdrop or even as a backdrop to the dessert table.

Something that helps me create new Tissue Paper Flowers shapes is nature itself. I found that when I studied live flowers, I could see there were usually repeated shapes that made them up. If I looked at a flower petal, it often looked like a circle or oval shape to me, or had a little indent that suggested a heart shape. From this idea I could punch a shape that was close enough to the actual petal shape, and sometimes only a small re-shaping of the petal with my scissors would be required to create a petal that looked like it was from the kind of flower I was looking at.

Cut the tissue paper into 5 x 7 inch rectangular pieces. For a smaller flower head, you can cut the pieces smaller. For a larger flower head, cut the pieces bigger. You will need about 4 to 6 pieces of tissue paper for each flower. You can use more pieces for a fuller flower, or fewer pieces for a smaller flower. Use all the same color tissue paper for a solid-colored flower, or several colors for a multi-colored flower. Change the color of just the top piece or two of tissue paper for the illusion of a center of the flower.

  Alex My Giant Paper Flowers Kit.    Creating a paper flower is a great kit for the spring season! This kit will allow your little one to make thirty giant paper flowers. The package itself can be used for storing the supplies and as a vase for the paper flowers. The Alex My Giant Paper Flowers Kit comes with brightly colored paper, thirty colorful pipe cleaners, and a set of easy to follow instructions.

Flower themed craft kits can be found in a few stores that carry craft kits and supplies. The retail stores include Joann Fabric, AC Moore, Michaels Crafts, Target, and Toys 'R' Us. The online shopping websites include Amazon, eBay, and the official websites of retail stores. The stores may vary on the craft kits and prices they offer, but you are sure to find a kit will be fun to work on!

If you want to use two shades for the flower, include at least two sheets of a different shade among the 6 to 8 sheets that you will be using. Place the different shade on top of the pile to give emphasis to its color.